New Generation of Microbioal Air Monitoring – Biological Air Samplers

There are 18 good reasons to introduce in your facility one from the TRIO.BAS product family. They are available in various specifications, like:

  • 1-3 sampling heads
  • 100 or 200 l/min air flow
  • For 55 mm and 90 mm plates
  • Antibacterial technopolymer shockproof body
  • Induction battery charger (no external connection)
  • Bluetooth for data transfer

These air samplers comply fully with all quality standards and are fully compliant according to all international standards, like ISO 14698, USP 797, USP 1116, ISPEL/INAIL, CE, EU GLP-GMP, EN45001, ACGIH.
For your premises, IQ, OQ and PQ documents are available.


Link to TRIO.BAS™

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